Atrox becomes part of Telia

Now we are taking the next exciting step on our trip, and we’re proud to announce that Atrox was acquired by Telia on May 2, 2018.

The merge with Telia will not change our delivery or our relationships with existing customers, partners or contacts. All staff including Atrox’s management (Katinka Nyberg, Fredrik Nyberg and Johan Wiman) will participate in resume and further develop Telia’s operations.

Technology development is fast and companies are becoming increasingly digital. With Telia in the back, we gain access to unique IT and Telecom expertise and experience, which enables us to help our customers meet their overall IT needs – even now and in the future.

In addition to Atrox’s regular service offering, which will work just as usual, our customers now have the opportunity to:

  1. a global supplier of IT,  Communication and Telephony.
  2. even more competitive product and service offering.
  3. an extended service level and accessibility.
  4. access to technical expertise.

We are looking forward to this exciting journey together with Telia as the new generation’s global provider of IT, Communication and Telephony.

/Katinka Nyberg

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