Protected against Wannacry?

On Friday 12 of May, the virus Wannacry began to spread throughout the world, and from what is written online, we estimate that significantly more than 200,000 computers have been infected so far.

The virus attacks the computer through a security hole in Windows, that enters the network via so-called. Phishing email. What happens then is that the virus infects affected computers with a hostage program, “Ransomware”, which locks the files on the computer and requires the user on a Ransomware.

Actions taken by Atrox on existing customers

  1. Microsoft released a patch in April as they say will cover up for this security hole. All computers that are known for Atrox and we are responsible for patchas regarding to patch schedule (at least once a week). However, this assumes that the computer has been turned on and connected to a network.
  2. Webroot Antivirus that most of our customers have enabled on their computer protect against WannaCry Ransomware.
  3. ATP from Office 365 will protect against WannaCry Ransomware.

The above actions provide good basic prerequisites for protection, but provide no 100% guarantee. An important parameter is also that users are alert to mail, and what to click. And if the damage is happening then there must be backups to read if we at Atrox should have the opportunity to help repair the damage.

Please contact Jon Bälter at Atrox if you have any questions or concerns about this.

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