When everything's connected anything's possible

Our online lives are changing. Our cars, our homes and the cities we live in are becoming online. And the more we connect, the more we need to connect.

That’s where Telia come in. Telia is the backbone of internet – and a whole lot more. Telia connect eyeballs to content and businesses to the cloud. And we do it with the security and performance we’re all going to need. So we can all keep focusing on possibilities.

Telias #1 Internet Backbone

It’s all about connection, and a lot of it. This means having a very large network with a large geographical scope, a lot of bandwidth and a direct route to as many end users as possible, and as much critical content as possible. In network terms, everything comes down to routes and rankings.

  • Good uptime with a redundant ring structure
  • Good geographic spread with nodes all over the world
  • Private peering (Direct connection to internet operators worldwide)
  • The only European Tier1 operator (faster choice of internet)

Telia TouchPoint

Mobile phone with mobile switch.

Telia TouchPoint operates in a similar manner to other mobile competitors on the market, with the assurance that the coverage level in the country is certainly good. It will also be an advantage for our customers to have the same supplier of IT and Telephony with the opportunity to buy devices from us, and to get these preinstalled with all necessary IT applications (such as Office 365).

Telia DataNet

Geographically distributed office network.

Telia DataNet helps companies to link their different offices, at different locations, with a secure and fast network for data and telephony. You simply share your shared data, their shared internet connection and their common business systems. We install everything and provide ongoing support. It does not matter how small or big you are, we give you a complete solution on the right scale for your needs.

Opportunities with Atrox + Telia

With Atrox as your primary IT provider, you will get access to Telia’s opportunities in IT, Telephony and Communications. Contact Fredrik Nyberg at Atrox for help with reviewing your overall solution.

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